After inspecting the blast site, Alexey Syschenko, Deputy Head of Genichesk Regional Administration, arrived at the blockade’s coordination center in Chongar at 11:15 a.m. on October 20 where he said the following:

“I’ve just been to the blast site. Being a geologist by training I am positive that’s a job of amateurs. You don’t rig a tower like that because a blast wave will travel sideways. I think that was just a provocation meant to discredit the peaceful blockade of Crimea”.

Lenur Islyamov, ATR TV channel’s owner and co-organizer of the blockade, said:

“There are a lot of people among our activists who took part in the antiterrorist operation. If they blew up the towers, the result would be different. Now, the situation is very dangerous. The wires are still live and humming. There is also some unexploded TNT left. The line will have to be shut off now”.

It was reported earlier that two transmission towers of the Melitopol-Zhankoy power line were blown up by unidentified individuals on the night between October 19 and 20.