As QHA (Crimean News Agency) reported earlier, the staff of Zhytomyr confectionary factory "Zhytomyr goodies" staged a protest against the raider seizure of the enterprise by the adheres of Sergei Pashinsky, the MP with "People's Front" Party. As of January 3, the factory has been guarded by law enforcement officers.

On the night of January 4-5, the activists stormed Zhytomyr confectionary with employees shouting "Where are we going to work?" People jumped out of the factory windows. Representatives of law enforcement officers detained the activists.

At the same time, several dozen men tried to open the gates and break into the territory with eyewitnesses informing on shots around 01.00 am.

The press service of the State National Police in Zhytomyr region reported on a clash between a group of unidentified persons on the night of January 5 at the territory of the confectionary that resulted in more than a hundred of conflict participants being arrested.

- Police have stopped the illegal actions, detained 134 conflict participants and seized a grenade, traumatic and gas pistols, bullets and cartridges, knives, metal and wooden batons. Criminal proceedings have been commenced, told the police.

The confrontation at the confectionery factory started evening December 30. According to the mayor Sergei Sukhomlin, the factory was stormed by thugs with both conflict parties - JSC "Zhytomyr goodies" and ALC "ZhL."

Photo: zhitomir.info