Crimean activist Server Mustafayev in an exclusive comment to Radio Hayat told how Russian security officials conducted a search in the home of the Crimean Tatar Renat Paralamov.

"They broke into the house. This is to put it mildly. They did not knock, did not enter through the doors, as it is usually done in normal situations. They climbed over the fence. The witnesses came along with the law enforcers. That is, they were by no means impartial people. They also climbed over the fence," Mustafayev reported.

Near the Paralamov’s house the activist noticed 4 service vehicles - buses and a car. About 10 security officers came to the search. Riot police was not present.

Reportedly, lawyer Mammet Mambetov, who works together with the well-known Crimean lawyer Emil Kurbedinov, defends the interests of Renat Paralamov.

Mammet Mambetov supposed that the house was searched by representatives of the Department for Countering Extremism of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation (Center "E") in Simferopol.

“It’s not clear what they were looking for. They did not let anyone in the house during the search. They often come due to some posts in social networks. What post Renat published and in which social network - is still unknown. Most likely, the post was published in VKontakte under Ukraine. I do not exclude that his page has already been deleted," the activist commented.

Earlier QHA reported that in the village of Nizhnegorsk in the annexed Crimea, the security officers raided the home of Renat Paralamov.