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Another Crimean Tatar, 23-year-old Eskender Apselyamov has not been seen since Oct 3 when he left his flat in Simferopol and headed for work.  He did not arrive, and there is no answer from his telephone. 

Shevket Namatullayev, a Crimean journalist, has passed on details about how the young man was dressed and a request from his parents to phone if people have any information.

This comes as two young Crimean Tatars, 19-year-old Islyam Dzhepparov and his 23-year-old cousin Dzhevdet Islyamov were abducted from Belogorsk, Crimea, Sept 27, their whereabouts remain unknown.

Crimea held a referendum on region's status in March and was annexed by Russia, the move however, is not recognized by Kyiv, EU and US.