(QHA) -

Another provocation took place in Crimea, during a conference arranged by the Committee on Crimean Tatar Rights Protection in Simferopol, Jan 17.

Some of 30 Crimean Tatar young men broke in the conference hall and made a row, trying to disrupt the event.

The provocateurs were later put out of the building. Some of them were taken by police.

The conference, however, continued its work. There were 62 people registered in the event, among them deputy head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Nariman Dzhelal.

It comes as some of 20 young men attending the same conference, Dec 10, behaving in a provoking manner, interrupted the speakers and then split a brilliant green on them.

The conference was held as Crimean authorities had banned any mass events on Human Rights Day in Crimea Dec 10.