Vyacheslav Gritsenko came out of his house and saw two men who followed him. One of them was carrying a black bag. The young men overtook Gritsenko and began to beat him with a bag. According to the victim, the bag contained a brick or stone because it seemed very heavy, and such injury could not have been caused by a soft cloth bag. After a few strokes Vyacheslav began to run, but tripped and fell near the passers-by. The attackers withdrew, and the witnesses helped Gritsenko to his feet and called an ambulance. At the hospital, Vyacheslav Gritsenko was diagnosed with a closed head injury and dissected vertex injury.

In exclusive comments to QHA, the victim told that he was threatened by Vladimir Cazus, known as Vova Shprits [Syringe].

“It was a hearing on appeal of Vova Shprits against his penalty, held in the Regional Appeal Court in the hall 11. Vova Shprits who is not from Kharkov, established a Kharkiv charity fund "Blago", which is wrong, because he has nothing to do with Kharkov. Vova Shprits sticks somewhere around Kernes, or under or beside. And Kernes is dangerous. I represent the organization "Fair Trial" as a public figure, so justice in courts is very important to me. Vova advised me not to support the prosecution and threatened me. I believe that I was attacked because of my work and activity.”

The witnesses say that Vladimir Kazus was unusually closed and silent in the court the day before. The National Police took a statement from Vyacheslav Gritsenko, put him on the Unified Pre-trial Registry and began the investigations. Doctors provided the victim with the necessary care and sent home for further treatment.