Employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine at "Kalanchak" check-point discovered that the person, traveling from the Crimea on foot, had invalid passport of the Russian Federation citizen, according to the State Border Service website.

As it turned out, the document was issued in 2014 on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea, therefore, the citizen was invited for a further check. It was later revealed that the man was a citizen of Ukraine, a resident of one of the cities in the mainland territory of Ukraine. Previously, he held military service under contract to the military unit, Coast Guard Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of Crimea, and after the annexation of the peninsula by Russia, he remained to serve in the invaders’ RF Navy. In 2015, he retired from service and worked in the Crimea in the construction.

Defector left the ranks of the occupiers, realizing he had made a mistake, because previous promises of the "new employer" did not correspond to the real situation.

Fears of investigation against him on return from the occupied territory did not stop the man, because he basically decided to go back to the family, which is residing on the mainland of Ukraine.

Earlier, February 7, Darnitskiy district court of Kyiv began consideration of the criminal case against Maksim Odintsov, a former soldier of the Crimea, who entered the service in the Russian occupation army, and was arrested at the administrative border with the occupied peninsula by the Ukrainian Security Service last year.

Photo: Internet