Border guards of Kramatorsk squad and employees of the State Fiscal Service (SFS) of Ukraine have found nearly 9,000 packs of cigarettes at Zaitsevo checkpoint, reads a statement published on the website of the State Border Service of Ukraine (SBSU).

A Ukrainian tried to smuggle in cigarettes from the uncontrolled territory, by hiding them in a double bottom and under the skin of the Volkswagen van. A total of 8550 packs of cigarettes (Russian production) and 270 packs (Ukrainian production) were found in the hiding places. The vehicle and the goods were handed over to the SFS.

In addition, Selyatino border patrol unit of Chernivtsi squad has revealed nearly 1,000 packs of cigarettes and traces of offenders, 30 meters from the border line in Bukovyna. The cigarettes have been seized, and the search for those involved into the crime is ongoing.

Photo: the State Border Service of Ukraine