Employees of the Berdyansk detachment of the State Border Service at Chongar prevented transportation of cartridges from the mainland of Ukraine to the territory of the Crimea occupied by Russia, according to the press service of the State Customs Service of Ukraine.
“During the border control of the vehicle that was heading to the annexed Crimea, a service dog found 18 rounds of 9-millimeter traumatic weapons in the "glove compartment" of the Land Rover car,” the Ministry reported.
The press service noted that the confiscated ammunition was transferred to the National Police for investigation.
Earlier, April 13, the State Border Service of Ukraine said that the FSB together with the border guards of the Russian Federation under the guise of checking the service of border and customs orders at Russian checkpoints periodically carries out provocations against Ukrainian citizens. Using administrative influence, pressure and threats, Russian officers force Ukrainians to transport across the border so-called training caches in the form of grenades and ammunition.
PHOTO: Internet