“Officers of the Internal Security Department of the Ukrainian Border Guard Service have staged an unannounced inspection of the checkpoints on the border with Crimea,” reads a statement issued by the press service of the Ukrainian Border Guard Service.

“A search of the Chongar checkpoint turned up UAH 700 and RUB 3,000 in bribe money received for letting through vehicles with goods. The servicemen who accepted the bribes have been relieved from duty and an internal investigation launched,” says the statement.

The press service reported other border guards at the same checkpoint refusing to accept RUB 10, 000 in bribe money (an equivalent of UAH 3,000-UAH 3,500) they were offered for letting through vehicles with goods to Crimea.

A blockade aimed at stopping goods from entering Crimea commenced near the border of the Kherson region and Crimea at 12 a.m. on September 20, 2015.