The Royal Canadian Navy delegates 14 representatives to Ukraine to participate in military exercises Sea Breeze 2017 in the Black Sea, according to Rear Admiral John Newton, Commander Joint Task Force Atlantic and Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic.

“SEA BREEZE 2017 highlights the Royal Canadian Navy’s commitment to security in the Black Sea. Canadian sailors and staff officers will work with a host of like-minded partners to enhance our collective skills in developing an accurate and shared picture of maritime activities in the region. These are advanced skills finely honed in the Canadian context amongst our federal maritime partners and hemispheric allies, and they are remarkably exportable to achieve higher levels of security in the international setting.”John Newton said.

The delegation will consist of divers and support stuff, as well as staff officers.

Sea Breeze 2017 exercises will be held "in the free play mode", with the main task of an anti-submarine operation in the Black Sea. A Turkish submarine will be a conditional enemy. The task of all the others is to find and neutralize it. The drills are involving 31 ships, a boat and a support vessel, 29 aerial vehicles and over 3,000 of personnel.

The exercises will be conducted on the territory of Odesa and Mykolaiv regions of Ukraine, at certain sea areas of the north-western part of the Black Sea.
International exercises Sea Breeze 2017 will last until July 23.