During the incident, the vessel "Heroes of Arsenal", which followed from the city of Azov (RF) to Turkey with grain cargo, was about 14 nautical miles from the shore.

The emergency response service and the vessels "Yepiskop", "Armada Navigator", "Barnet", "Aigas", and "Aelos" were sent to the site of the rescue operation. The tugboat "Demidov" arrived from the port of Kerch.

According to preliminary data, 12 crew members were on board, including nine Ukrainian citizens, two Russian citizens and one Georgian national.

One victim was found and brought to the ship "Armada Navigator" with signs of severe hypothermia. He was provided the first aid.

The rescue operation also involved aviation of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. From the air, it was possible to determine the location of four more crew members in the water area. The fate of the other seven remains unknown.

A lifeboat was found in the water area, in which sailors could be evacuated from the ship. The boat was upside down, no people around.

Searches are complicated by weather conditions - strong gusts of the south-west wind up to 20 m / s and sea waves up to 4 points.

According to the press service of the Crimean department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the ship "Heroes of Arsenal" sank. Most likely, the incident was caused by a severe storm.

PHOTO: Internet