The de-occupation of the Crimea is the only effective way to prevent an ecological catastrophe around the plant Crimean Titan, the Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Refat Chubarov stated on Facebook.

“Without going into the discussion of the Russian position, we note that the only effective measure to prevent poisoning around the Crimean Titan plant is the de-occupation of the Crimea and the complete cessation of the activity of this plant by the Ukrainian authorities," he wrote.

Chubarov further noted that the occupiers are considering the possibility of resuming the supply of Dnipro water to the occupied Crimea. And in this context, the occupation authorities are using the consequences of the ecological catastrophe in Armyansk.

“According to the Russian invaders, the lack of water to fill septic tanks, allegedly, led to an excessive concentration of acid, which caused the poisoning of the surrounding area.”

The Chairman of the Mejlis stressed that the "authorities" of the annexed peninsula would try to fill up the drying water reservoirs with Dnieper water until the winter.

QHA reported that on August 27 residents of the occupied Armyansk complained about an ecological catastrophe and stated that in a day the metal objects in the city turned rust, and people started feeling allergic.

Later, in the village of Perekop near the Armyansk, as a result of chemical emissions, leaves on the trees and the harvest were damaged. On some trees, foliage was preserved, but covered with yellow coating. Also, the yellowish coating is observed on the roofs of the houses, and after August 23 a smell of acid is felt in the air. Residents of the village complain about the deterioration of health.