The organizer and two participants of a meeting  to mark the 201st anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko have received corrective labour sentences.

Following decision was made March 12 by Simferopol court.

The organizer of the gathering Leonid Kuzmin and two participants of a meeting Vildar Shukurdzhiyev and Aleksandr Kravchenko were detained by police and taken to a local police station as they unfurled Ukrainian flag, with “Crimea is Ukraine” inscription on it.

To recall, Leonid Kuzmin, who was a teacher of history in one of Simferopol schools was dismissed from his work.

Local authorities had banned conducting events dedicated to Ukrainian poet Shevchenko in Simferopol’ Shevchenko Park, which is located in the city center. They had banned the majority of mass events in the center of Simferopol since the region’s unification with Russia a year ago.