Today at 7:30 am the home of Marlen Mustafayev in Simferopol, Kamenski Dachi area, was searched. And Marlen was detained on his way to work, according to his wife Sofia Aisha.

Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov said that Mustafayev was taken to the center to counter extremism. The circumstances are being investigated.

Osman Arifm posted a video of detention.

“Armed masked men seized people standing near Mustafayev’s house in Kamenka and took them away in an unknown direction. The house is currently searched!” Zair Smedlyaev reported later.

According to preliminary information, among the detainees are Osman Arifm, Remzi Bekirov, Ruslan Suleymanov, Riza Izetov, Alim Karimov, Valid Abu Farid, Seyran Murtazaev. Later, the names of some other detained became known - Mejit, Ablyakim, Enver, Kemal. The list is still specified, the social group Crimean solidarity informs with reference to civil activist Nazim Sheihmambetov.

Previously, January 26, 2017 morning wave of searches swept through Bakhchisarai. After the FSB had taken Crimean Tatar activist Seyran Saliev, it was reported of a search in the office of the Crimean lawyers Emil Kurbedinov and Eden Semedlyaev.
The occupants accused Kurbedinov of violation the Article 20.3 of the RF Administrative Code (Propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols, or paraphernalia or symbols of extremist organizations, or other paraphernalia or symbols, propaganda or public demonstration of which is prohibited by federal law)  for the publication of in the social network of 2013. Kurbedinov pleaded guilty in part, noting that he posted the publication, but was not engaged in propaganda he is charged with. The court found him guilty and arrested for 10 days. Arrest expired on 5 February.

Photo: Internet