(QHA) -

The coordinators of the committee on Crimean Tatar Rights Protection Eskender Bariyev, Sinaver Kadyrov and Abmedzhit Suleymanov were stopped at Crimean Ukrainian border Jan 23 night. They are being detained for 7 hours.

The activists were heading to Kherson, and then to Turkey for treatment, as one of them—Sinaver Kadyrov—is ill, the two others accompanied him.

Kadyrov is now in the stuff room, being questioned, while the others are waiting in their car.

Commenting the incident, head of electoral commission of Kurultay Zair Smedlyaev, said that “this is nothing but another measures to frighten, another way of psychological pressure”.

To recall, the second all-Crimean conference on the protection of Crimean Tatar rights was arranged by the committee on Crimean Tatar Rights Protection.

Despite the attempts of provocateurs to disrupt the conference, the delegates appealed to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, calling on him to “prevent the destruction of the Crimean Tatars.”

In addition, Ban was asked to protect the Crimean Tatars from having to serve in the Russian army.

The delegates also asked the Ukrainian authorities to initiate an international conference on security in Crimea under the auspices of the OSCE in April.

In addition, they asked the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to explore the possibility of the Crimean Tatar people gaining the international status of a third party in Russian-Ukrainian relations, with their national self-government bodies, the Kurultay and Mejlis, gaining the right to appeal to the international courts.