Representatives of Crimean national communities, who supported the occupation of the peninsula, wrote an appeal to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with a request to influence Ukraine in the issue of energy blockade. They mailed their appeal, and handed it over through the Foreign Ministry of the occupant, Chairman of the national and cultural autonomy of the Crimean Bulgarians Ivan Abazher told the Russian edition.

“We sent [appeal] in two ways: first, through the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, and second, through the world famous mail directly to Ban Ki-moon, and got confirmation that the letter was received. We are now waiting for a response: How the UN will respond to our appeal,” said Abazher.

The head of the Bulgarian national community assured that he will not leave attempts to get a response from the international organizations until he gets response of the "world community to the bias against residents of Crimea."

As QHA reported earlier, the president of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Energy Association of Ukraine" Vasyl Kotko said that there is a serious problem with the incompatibility of power systems of Crimea and the Russian Federation. To eliminate this it is necessary to upgrade the distribution system of Crimea, which is very expensive. 

Photo: Internet