Russia’s mass media regulator Roskomnadzor has denied a license for Crimean News Agency to operate on the territory of Russian Federation, citing the federal law on mass media.

“We were not surprised at the decision of Roskomnadzor. We have supposed such sequence of events”- director of Crimean News agency Gayana Yuksel said.

The Crimean News Agency appealed to Roskomnadzor for the license in Oct 2014, still the regulator pointed out “a point that should be corrected”. After a consultation with specialists, the issue was settled, and the news agency submitted the application again, still the license was denied.

“We have urged the Roskomnadzor to explain the reason for the license denial, and the respond should have been given March 12. Still, if one does not intend to register the media, he will found the reason to refuse”- Yuksel noted.

It should be noted, that following Crimea’s unification with Russia, the journalists of Crimean News agency are not allowed to Crimean Council of Ministers.

Crimean Minister of Information and Mass Communication Dmitry Polonsky says the reason for the journalist denial to attend the events in the Council of Ministers  is that the Crimean News Agency has not registered in Russia yet.

Meanwhile, the deadline for the Russian registration for Crimea’s mass media outlets is April 1, 2015. Before this time, all the media outlets may work on the basis of their Ukrainian license.