Local residents of Yalta in the Russian-occupied Crimea report in social networks that the Road Police Service of Crimea does not have their own phone number, so people have to call 02, common number for Police, but nobody answers them.

"Our valiant police should be put on black list. On April 15th we had an accident on the Yalta highway. Well at least no one was seriously injured. As you know, Road Police Service has no special number, so one just needs to call the police. 5 people tried to get through for 20 minutes but no one picks up the receiver, during one of the 7 calls the line was busy, in other cases, endless long and unsuccessful beeps. As a result, we just stopped the first passing patrol car on the route. The representative of the law and order for a long time did not believe us, forced us to dial 112, listened for a long time, then looked at 38 unsuccessful calls from one number and only then called the Road Police through internal channels.

In general, what am I talking about. If you are robbed, raped or killed - just relax and have fun - no one is going to save you"

"Everything is not so hopeless. Write “Crimea is Ukraine”  in social networks and you will be visited by 200 armed Russian Guard officers with automatic rifles and 5 wagons."

PHOTO: Internet