Russian invaders in the Crimea abducted a Crimean Tatar from the workplace and took her to the Center for Combating Extremism for interrogation, putting a sack on her head. Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov told the story of the kidnapped Crimean Tatar woman on his Facebook page.
The Crimean Tatar told that the attackers were interested in issues related to her religion and family.
"- I was sitting in the workplace (in one of the post offices of the Crimea). Two men run in and, pronouncing my name, they ask if there is such a person.
- Yes, - I answer.
- Do not ask questions, come with us!
- Who are you?
They quickly show the identity, of course, I wasn’t able to see anything.
They put me in a minibus, where there are two more men in masks.
They put a bag on the my head (!)
- What for?! - I ask.
"Do not ask questions!" - they reply.
On the way I was asked questions about the family, Islam, belonging to the groupings.
At some point the car stopped. They started talking on the phone. After the telephone conversations they took off the bag. I saw that we were already near Gresovskiy district in Simferopol.
The car turns around, and we go to the center "E" (the center for countering extremism).
Then again, long interrogations about the family, Islam, belonging to any groupings. Inquiries about Hizb ut-Tahrir (I barely uttered the name).
They let me go. Family was shocked!”
Earlier, QHA reported that on March 29, unknown persons in masks kidnapped the Crimean Tatar Belyal Adilov near the building of the Supreme Court of the Crimea, controlled by the Kremlin, while Adilov was reading a prayer service for the release of the defendants. The activist came to the court session as a listener, and earlier together with other citizens was present during the searches in the suburbs of Simferopol.
Later it became known that the detainee was brought to the Investigative Committee Office in the Crimea and charged under art. 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - the use of violence or threats against a representative of the authorities. He was released from custody on March 31.
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