Employees of the invaders special services in Crimea managed to suppress the illegal activities of an "official" from Simferopol who distributed methamphetamine, produced at his home laboratory, according to the occupants-controlled Crimean media.

Reportedly, the "official" was the Head of the budgetary municipal cultural institution "Variety Art Center".

“March 10, 2017, at the official’s place of residence, a mass of about 600 grams of methamphetamine was found and seized, as well as laboratory equipment for the production of the drug,” the special services reported.

Earlier, March 7, Crimean law enforcement officers seized narcotic substances from an employee of the "Administration municipal control" of the occupied Kerch. Following the incident, the self-proclaimed "Head" of Kerch, Vladimir Podlipentsev, held an emergency meeting with the staff, where he ordered all the employees to undergo a medical examination, in particular, drug test, and promised to dismiss those who refused the procedure.

PHOTO: Internet