The construction of the Kerch bridge, which is to connect the occupied Ukrainian Crimea with the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation, and partially blocking the Kerch Strait, is a threat to the ecology of the Azov Sea, according to the Ukrainian ecologist Aleksei Vasilyuk, the Center for Journalistic Investigations reports.
The specialist noted that now it is hard to predict what could happen to the seabed, since such a construction has never been in this place before.

“The strait must not be 100% blocked, because the Sea of ​​Azov is constantly filled with the waters of еру  Don River and there is a constant flow, like the movement of water between the seas, and the movement of migrating animals. There are several threats but now we can not yet say how or to which extent they will emerge. Firstly, the Kerch Strait is very complex in biological terms. What will happen to the seabed after building a bridge, or after its parts will be interspersed, it is hard to guess, this has never happened in history.”

Vasilyuk added that even partial blocking of the Kerch Strait and the construction of a bridge there would destroy the "fragile ecosystem" of the Azov Sea and interfere with the migration of some animal species.

“The sand bars in the Sea of ​​Azov may start to dilute, the whole strait may start to silt, and the Azov Sea can become a lake in general. A very big threat is posed to living creatures that live in the Azov Sea: these are the fish that spawn there. For example, the pelengas, which spawns in the Molochniy Estuary, and it will not be able to move there or normally migrate between the Azov and Black Seas. In the Sea of ​​Azov ecosystem is a rather fragile.”

Earlier, the inhabitants of the Crimea called the invaders’ construction of the Kerch bridge the reason for the mass death of dolphins in the Black Sea.
PHOTO: Internet