General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces presented a report on the 33rd day of the "Euphrates Shield" military operation in the north of Syria.

Advancing towards the south, the Syrian Liberation Army continues to clean up sector Azaz Rai to root out IS terrorists.

As a result of military operations backed by airpower, the settlements of Kadrish, Bahvurtah, Sandar and Shandy came under the control of opposition forces.

At this time Turkish Armed Forces carried out 210 strikes against 69 ISIS positions in northern Syria. As part of "Euphrates Shield" operation, 26 mines and 971 explosives of terrorists have been defused. The Air Forces of the international coalition have eliminated 7 terrorist positions in the Syrian regions of Kadrish and Bahvurtan.

The situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo and other cities, where air strikes are carried out by Assad regime, continues to be tense after the ceasefire, reached by the US and Russia. 

As of September 24, for 6 days of air strikes carried out by Assad regime forces supported by Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS), the number of dead civilians had reached 323 people and injured – 1,334, according to the field hospitals rescue services. And another 85 killed and 178 wounded civilians in Aleppo area were reported on September 25.

During the air strikes Assad and Russia used vacuum, barrel and phosphorus bombs.

The "Euphrates Shield" is a joint military operation carried out by the special operation groups with the Turkish Armed Forces and the Air Forces of the international coalition against ISIS terrorist organization in Syria, which started in the early morning of August, 24. The main objectives of the offensive are to clear the frontier regions from ISIS terrorists, ramp up the border security, provide support for the territorial integrity in Syria, as well as to prevent the creation of so-called "Kurdish corridor” PYD on the southern border.

Photo: Internet