A powerful explosion in the capital of Afghanistan killed at least 9 people. The attack was committed in the diplomatic quarter of Kabul, according to the Air Force report.

The Ministry of Health of Afghanistan also reported 84 victims of the explosion. It is known that houses near the explosion site were damaged by the shock wave.

According to some reports, the explosives were planted in a car near the German embassy. Presidential palace and several other foreign embassies are located in the same quarter.

Witnesses say that at the moment there Kabul is in chaos among the wounded, and those who are sent to hospitals. The central square of the city was cordoned off by the police.
Reportedly, the cause of the attack is still unknown.

Recently fatal explosions have occurred in Kabul, demonstrating the deterioration of security in Afghanistan.

Earlier, in Egypt, unknown persons attacked a bus carrying a group of Christian Copts. As a result of the attack, 26 people were killed and other 26 were injured.

PHOTO: Reuters, Air Force, Aljazeera, Associated Press, Politeka