In an apartment building in the eastern part of St. Petersburg, an explosion occurred, the newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported citing local news sources. The police are investigating the causes of the explosion.

Eyewitnesses in social networks reported on a powerful pat (The Fontanka publication reported on two pats - Ed.) in a multi-storey building on Solidarity Avenue in St. Petersburg.
"Fontanka" publication also notes that the house is not connected to gas supply.

RIA Novosti reports that, according to preliminary data, no one was injured during the explosion.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed this information, saying that the residents of the house were evacuated after the pat.

The cladding partly fell off the building, cars parked nearby were damaged.

Earlier April 3, an explosion occurred in the metro of St. Petersburg.

According to the latest information, 14 people were killed, several dozen were injured. The Russian authorities called the explosion an act of terrorism.

The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov said that the commission of the terrorist act at the time of Putin's visit to the city "makes one think" and is a subject of analysis for the special services.

PHOTO: Internet