An identified organization is planning on having a pig enter the synagogue to desecrate it, reports Vesti citing its own sources. The reason the synagogue has been chosen is because it is a sacred place for the Hasidim and a burial site of Nachman, the founder of Hasidic Judaism.

“Once there’s a pig in the synagogue, it gets desecrated and no rituals can be performed in it for 200 years onwards, “reports the source. According to Vitaly Efimenko, Dean of the Department of Ethics, Aesthetics and Culture Studies at the Taras Schevchenko University, the Hasidim will be greatly insulted if anything like this happens.

Political analyst Ruslan Bornik believes the ripple waves will travel far beyond Kiev and Tel Aviv resulting in, among other things, Ukraine losing support of the Jewish lobby in the US and other Western countries.

The town authorities have been very cautious commenting on the conflict, citing a land dispute between the pilgrims and local residents as a likely reason for the threat.