In the Russian Federation, the number of supporters of the annexation of the Crimea declined by 6% in two years, the Russian publication "Interfax" reported, referring to the results of the poll by "Levada-Center."

Thus, according to the poll, now 64% of Russian citizens support the annexation of the Crimea, while 23% do not support the seizure of the peninsula.

In 2015, these indicators were at the level of 70% and 18%, respectively.

Answering the question about the status of the Ukrainian Donbas, 37% of Russians argued for the independence of these territories. In March 2014, the same opinion was supported by 12% of respondents.

Reportedly, the number of Russians who believe that the eastern territories of Ukraine should become part of Russia fell by half - 21% now, against 48% in March 2014, according to the poll.

Earlier, it became known that according to another poll of Levada Center, 59% of the Russian Federation citizens believe that the Kremlin was trying to send the singer Yulia Samoilova to the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv to provoke a scandal.

PHOTO: Internet