(QHA) -

The first Ukrainian serviceman from Crimea who had betrayed his oath to Ukraine and joined Russian army was detained in Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian TV channel TSN, a sergeant from Mykolayiv region was detained at Dzhankoy while crossing the border.

The investigators from the chief military prosecutor's office told the TV channel that the arrest is the only one of this kind in Ukraine.

Prior Crimea’s unification with Russia, the man had served under the contract at Perevalne, and a month ago he had called his mother and said that he was going home and he was offered a job in Kyiv.

While trying to cross the border in Dzhankoy, the serviceman who had signed a contract with the Russian army a year ago, was arrested for his desertion. He faces the charge that is punished from two to five years of imprisonment.

The serviceman's family only hopes that he will receive a suspended sentence. The first court hearing of this notorious case is expected to be held in a week.