Former military of the Black Sea Fleet staff of Russia Leonid Parkhomenko, who was arrested in occupied Sevastopol in 2016 on charges of high treason, went on a hunger strike in the detention center "Lefortovo" in Moscow, according to the member of the Russian Public Watching Commission (ONK) Yevgeny Yenikeev.

Yenikeev noted in his blog that 59-year-old Parkhomenko had been starving for 18 days in Lefortovo detention centre where he has been held for 20 months.

“Leonid Parkhomenko has been starving for 18 days. When he began to explain the reason for the hunger strike to the members of the Public Watching Commission, saying that "in the course of the investigator's actions, his family was threatened," the Deputy Chief of the order and security department Nikolai Ivanov interrupted our conversation (ordered to bring Parkhomenko back to the cell), referring to paragraph 3, part 1, Article 16 of the new edition of the federal law No. 76-FZ "On public control over the human rights in places of forced content and assistance to persons in places of detention", he wrote.

Reference: Leonid Parkhomenko was detained by the FSB in annexed Sevastopol in November 2016. He was accused of allegedly collecting and transmitting data on the activities of the Black Sea Fleet, which is regarded a state secret to Ukraine on the instructions of Ukrainian intelligence.
In connection with this accusation, Parkhomenko faces up to 20 years of imprisonment.

Previously, the court sentenced the lieutenant colonel of the National Guard of Ukraine to 13 years in prison on charges of treason. Law enforcers arrested him in May 2015 at the place of permanent deployment of his unit in the Kharkiv region. During the attempt to escape, the detained inflicted injuries to the Security Service employee.