(QHA) -

Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has called Zair Smdlyaev—head of electoral commission of Kurultay—for questioning on the issue of May 3 events. The questioning to take place Feb 6, 2015.

“This is just another attempt to put pressure on Crimean Tatars. Repressions against Crimean Tatars and their leaders continue. Criminal cases will also be launched against participants of Feb 26, 2014 rally in Simferopol”- Smedlyaev said.

At least 5 Crimean Tatars have already been arrested in Crimea over an alleged incident during the protest on May 3 when veteran Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev was prevented from entering Crimea.

On Oct 24 Crimean Tatar activist Tair Smedlyaev was arrested accused of “extremism”. This followed the arrest of Musa Alkerimov on Oct 16 and Rustam Abdurakhmanov a day later.

The men are accused of inflicting serious injuries on law enforcement officers carrying out their duties during the meeting with Mustafa Jemilev on May 3 in Armyansk.

The charges have thus emerged 6 months after the alleged ‘violence’.  There were no reports of such injuries at the time