The "law enforcement officers" detained Ukrainian on the administrative border with Crimea. According to them, the man is on the international wanted list, reported

When processing identification data at the "Armyansk" checkpoint the controller found that a man, who crossed the Ukrainian State Border Service without any hindrance, has been on the international wanted list since June this year, reported the "FSB Boundary Management in the Republic of Crimea."

According to the FSB statement, the 28-year-old Ukrainian was engaged in unlicensed activities on the Internet in Uzbekistan (creation and operation of web server).

Russian security forces threatened him with a fine or a six month imprisonment.

As QHA reported earlier, since the beginning of 2016 Russian FSB has detained about 50 people at checkpoints on the administrative border with the occupied Crimea and Ukraine, alleging they are "on the federal or international wanted lists."

Photo: Internet