Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers in Crimea have detained a journalist Natalya Kokorina— who works for the Center of Journalist Investigations in Simferopol.

FSB officers have also searched the apartment in Simferopol that belongs to the parents of another local journalist, Anna Andriyevska, who moved to Kyiv shortly after Crimea’s unification with Russia. The FSB confiscated a computer belonging to Andriyevska's father.

The officers told Andriyevska's father she was being investigated over an article published last year which investigators claimed called for the overthrow of the Crimean government.

To recall the OSCE has announced that the media freedom in Crimea was 'deeply disturbing and worrying'.

Dunja Mijatović-- OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media-- claimed that truth had been the first casualty of crisis and urged those responsible to stop media censorship and to ensure journalists' safety.

 Her comments were made in Simferopol, where she met with local journalists and media associations, who voiced concerns about the intimidation by self-defense forces and local militia.

The OSCE Representative claimed that dozens of journalists and bloggers “had been threatened, physically attacked, interrogated or kidnapped since Crimea’s unification with Russia.