Criminal case was filed against the Director of the state budget road company "Sevastopol Avtodor" in the occupied Crimea for receiving a large bribe. Investigations are under way, according to the portal "Events of the Crimea".

The Director of the enterprise is charged with receiving a bribe in a large amount. According to the "RF Investigative Committee" in the occupied Sevastopol, in the autumn of 2016 the Head of the enterprise "Sevavtodor" offered the three acquaintances who jointly managed the "Vozrozhdenie" foundation to conclude contracts with the company for the delivery of building materials and the rent of special equipment. For that, as well as for the further patronage of the firm on his official position, the Director of the enterprise demanded a bribe.

So, in October 2016 the Director of Sevavtodor concluded a contract with the firm for the delivery of crushed stone amounting to almost 29 million rubles. And a rent of special equipment worth more than 31 million rubles. After that, he arranged transfer of the advance to the account of the "Vozrozhdenie" fund. In turn, the entrepreneurs transferred a bribe to the bank card belonging to the Director in the amount of 300 thousand rubles.
The occupiers "Investigative Committee" notes that at present the official's involvement in the commission of the crime was confirmed.

Home and office of the accused were searched and "irrefutable evidence of the crime committed" was seized.

Also, the court seized the property of the accused - more than 250 thousand rubles and two cars - Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Lexus RX350 worth more than 6 million rubles. The Head of the enterprise was taken into custody.


Earlier, Chief physician of the Rivne Regional Polischuk Clinical Diagnostic Center Roman Shustik was detained in his office for receiving a large bribe.

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