Crimean authorities are planning to expand the boundaries of Simferopol, by taking the land plots seized by Crimean Tatars. It is also planned to build housing for FSB and police officers on these land plots.

According to Simferopol city mayor Viktor Ageev Ageev there is an issue about how to liberate the land from the “squatting” and give it to the construction of the sleeping districts for FSB and police officers.

"There are representations of federal services in Simferopol, such as FSB, police, emergency and many other organizations that have the ability to build housing for their employees. But, unfortunately, the city can not provide them with the full platform for development "- Ageev noted.

Earlier, Crimea head Sergey Aksyonov announced only permanent structures provided with all communications and operated without violating the law could be legalized. All the other buildings on the 'glades protest "would be demolished as soon as the relevant law adopted.

The Crimean Tatars, indigenous people of the region, were deported en masse to Central Asia by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin 70 years ago. Although many of them returned in the early 1990s, they were unable to reclaim the land they had possessed before their deportation.

Many Crimean Tatars have taken over unclaimed land to build houses, farms and mosques.