Reporting on Friday, March 24 to the Verkhovna Rada, the Head of Emergency State Service of Ukraine Nikolai Chechetkin said that the day before, a body of an elderly woman was found in the disaster area:

“Late in the evening, during a survey of the residential sector under the ruined structures of the building, a body of woman, born 1951, was found.”

Chechetkin went on saying that another woman was injured:

“According to the Ministry of Health, as a result of shell hitting a house, a woman, born 1962, obtained head injuries.”

Earlier QHA reported that on March 23, at 2:45, an explosion occurred at several storage sites for rocket and artillery weapons (tank and artillery shells 125 and 152 mm) near the city of Balakliia in the Kharkiv region, and a fire resulted in detonation of ammunition.