In the foothills of Crimea, two rivers, feeding the longest river of the peninsula – Salgir, have dried up. Thus, only the dry riverbed remained from the Angara and Yegerlyk-Su rivers flowing in the Dobrovska valley of the Simferopol district.

A slight bit of wetness still left in the Malynovy stream, which flows into the Yegerlyk-Su, but the water intakes built here at the times of the USSR are nearly empty.

According to environmentalists, the rivers dried up due to dry summers and low snowfall in winter.

Another mountain river - Kurlyuk-Su - is becoming arid. Local residents are already getting water by hours and complaining about the poor pressure.
Environmentalists call the situation alarming. The rivers flowing along the steppe part of the peninsula spring in the mountains.

According to the head of the organization "Ecology and World" Victor Tarasenko, the moisture reserves in the Crimean steppe are catastrophic.

“When the rivers dry up, this is a climatic anomaly. The moisture reserves in the Crimean steppe are catastrophic: a few millimeters of water per meter of land. Agriculture and the ecosystem are particularly affected.”

Earlier, the occupation authorities of the Crimea said they were considering the use of cleaned sewage for irrigation of agricultural land.

Source: News of Crimea