A man stabbed a patrol officer at a supermarket in the city of Kherson, the press service of the patrol police in the city of Kherson reported on Facebook.

July, 25 around 7.00 p.m. the customers informed the patrol officers on a knifeman being in a children's store located in the same room.

- The officers immediately rushed to the scene. The man with a knife in his hand was really there. The attacker started to run away following the order to put the knife on the floor. The man stabbed one of the patrol officers in the chest as the latter was trying to block the man’s movement to the doors. The man has been detained, reported the patrol police.

The police also seized from the man eight knives and a razor.

The investigation works are underway.

A wounded patrol officer has been taken to a hospital.

PHOTO: Facebook page of Khersson Patrol Police