The lawyer Eden Semedlyaev who defends the Crimean Tatar Muslum Aliyev and the lawyer of Redvan Suleymanov - Emil Kurbedinov - were allowed to cross the border with the occupied Crimea after they had been detained for hour and a half by the Russian border guards.

The border guards explained the reason for the detention of lawyers with a "change of situation", according to Eden Semedlyaev:

“My colleague Emile Kurbedinov and I were held at the Russian border for hour and a half. We were released following the interrogation in turn. When we asked why not interviewed on the spot as always, they replied that the rules have not changed, but the situation has changed.”

Earlier, November 29, the Russian Federal Security Service at the Chongar checkpoint detained Crimean Tatar artists that's who just returned after attending a concert of the Crimean Tatar music in Kyiv.

Photo: Internet