As of 18:00, September 13, 21 cases of ceasefire violations by Russia and the occupation forces, were recorded along the entire line of contact, according to the ATO Headquarters press center.

“Russian-occupation forces continue to provoke the Ukrainian military, firing heavy machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and small arms. In several cases the occupiers used the 82 and 120 caliber mortars. Moreover, the militants used artillery prohibited by the Minsk agreements,” the headquarters reported.

In the Donetsk direction the terrorists shelled Avdeevka, Verkhnetoretskoe, Zaitsevo and Lugansk.

“In the Lugansk direction, the enemy perpetrated armed provocations firing rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns and small arms in the Novozvanovka and Novoaleksandrovka districts.

In the Mariupol direction the Russian-occupation forces resorted to armed provocations and shelled Shirokino with infantry fighting vehicles and rocket-propelled grenades,” the report says.

Reportedly, militants use the state of ceasefire to destruct industrial facilities in the occupied Donbas.

Photo: Internet