It cannot be ruled out that the message by at least eight Russian and Ukrainian information resources is a fake prepared by the Kremlin trolls. However, the appearance of the information on the air battle over the Baltic countries, a downed Russian aircraft and survived Russian pilots shows that the Russian Federation is seriously studying the public response to such scenarios.

- Reportedly, a NATO fighter shot down a Russian SU-24 as it violated NATO airspace, according to Ukr News.

According to the sources, since the Russian aircraft did not respond to a lot of warnings and continued moving directly at NATO warships, it was decided to bring down the Russia’s plane.

- The plane crashed into the sea, the pilots were picked up by NATO destroyer. Both are alive and uninjured. Russia's reaction to the incident is still unknown. Soon a video showing astray Russian pilots will be put on the Internet, reported anti-Moskal [UA].

March, 18-19 the NATO air-policing fighters intercepted Russian military aircraft that has been spotted over the Baltic Sea near Latvia's borders, National Armed Forces of Latvia wrote on Twitter.

Previously, the Baltic countries have repeatedly claimed that Russia checks NATO response by flying over its borders.

Over the year, the NATO forces have recorded 160 Russian aircrafts flying over the Baltic Sea.

Photo: Internet