Pirates, who attacked the cargo ship BBC Caribbean at the beginning of February in the territorial waters of Nigeria, released all eight of the captured sailors. Among them were Ukrainians, including three Sevastopol residents, as well as the citizens of Russia, according to Russian media citing the Kremlin-controlled Commissioner for Human Rights in Sevastopol Pavel Butsai.

Ukraine confirmed the information as well.

“A Ukrainian member of the  BBC Caribbean crew is released and save”

Earlier QHA reported that February 5, an armed attack on a cargo ship BBC Caribbean was committed in the territorial waters of Nigeria. As a result of the attack, eight people were captured. According to the Director of the company owning the ship, Maksim Nesterov, three crew members remained on board and managed to escape from the pirates and sale the ship away. They were Chief Engineer, a Second Mate and a Cadet. Now the ship is holding course for Las Palmas.

Later, the media reported that the Ukrainian diplomats have been negotiating with the pirates on the ransom of captives.

Photo: Internet