January 16, Command of the Russian occupation troops was urged to come to the camp of the Russian Airborne Division in the Crimea, to take action on an incident of the military personnel beating civilians.

Representatives of the occupation army higher ranks have tried to hide the fact of beating civilians by soldiers and "hush up" the investigation of the local military police, as well as purchased medicine for the treatment of alcohol intoxication and depression for the perpetrators in the incident.

The information was reported by the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on the Department’s Facebook page.

“January 16 Deputy Chief of Military Police Department of Simferopol arrived to the base camp of tactical group battalion (BTGr) from the 51 Parachute Regiment 106 air Airborne Division (Tula) of the RF Armed Forces in order to clarify the circumstances of  the unit’s military involvement in a recent fight with civilians. Command of the BTGr tried to conceal the fight and impeded the work of the military police representatives in different ways. For the prevention and treatment of "delirium tremens" cases and alcoholic intoxication, BTGr base camp medical service purchased a large amount of drugs including antidepressants and hepatic protectors,” Ukrainian Intelligence reported.

Previously, December 14, soldiers of the Crimean "self-defense" brutally beat two locals in the occupied settlement Shelkino. The participants of the incident explained that the victims’ fault was that they were intoxicated and refused to follow to the police station.

Photo: Internet