Militants of the terrorist group "DPR" searched cars of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission and delayed the patrol for more than an hour at a checkpoint in Horlivka Donetsk region, according to the report by the press service of the SMM in the evening of February 10.

“OSCE SMM Patrol delayed at the "Zero" checkpoint of the so-called "DPR" in Horlivka for already more than an hour. It is unacceptable.”

The terrorists released the mission staff after a 70 minutes delay on the checkpoint.

Earlier QHA reported that in the morning of February 3, three terrorists from the so-called "LPR" carried out an armed attack on the OSCE observer. The members of the Special monitoring mission state that one of the militants deliberately shot with a machine gun at the observers’ vehicles. SMM members were not injured, the observers were able to get away from the fire, and out of terrorists sight.

Photo: Internet