In the suburbs of Paris, an unknown man attacked a police officer near his home and stabbed him with a knife nine times. As a result, the policeman died from stab wounds.

Following that, the assassin holed up in the house of the deceased taking a policeman’s wife and a young child hostages.

French police failed to hold talks with the attacker. The latter killed one of the hostages, and wrote about it on Twitter. Following that the special operation forces stormed the house.

- We do not know the people and the true motives of this man, said a spokesman for the Internal Affairs Minister of France, adding the three year child has been rescued unhurt.

According to French media reports, the attacker could belong to the terrorist group "Islamic State" since prior to the attack he was shouting "Allah Akbar". Police are investigating the murder of a policeman as a "terrorist attack."

ISIL has already claimed responsibility for the attack.

Photo: Internet