The houses of Crimean Tatars are raided in the village of Arpat (Zelenogorye), Alushta region, Crimea, a journalist Shevket Namatullaev wrote on Facebook.

The police come to the homes of Crimean Tatars and ask how many people live in the house, where they go shopping, where their children study, who sells drugs in the village. The police also come into the gardens and check out the greenhouses.

When asked on the reason of the raid, they answer they are carrying out a "census."

- Police also ask phone numbers, wrote Namatullaev.

According to him, earlier a few Crimean Tatars were detained in the village of Kapsihore (Marine), Sudak region.

- Police were embarrassed the Crimean Tatars didn’t have the Russian passports about them. Thus, they took them to the police station, recovered their fingerprints and released only after relatives brought the identity documents, said the journalist.

Photo: Internet