Crimean self defense forces March 14 detained a Polish journalist for Polsat News Tomas Kulakovsky, Center of Journalist Investigations reports, citing Polish consulate in Odessa, Ukraine.

According to the consulate, Kulakovsky reported about his detention and then connection with the journalist was lost.

To recall, a Crimean has detained in Simferopol for bearing a yellow and blue ribbon.

This two incidents come a day after Russian Security Service (FSB) detained Crimean journalist Natalya Kokorina, who works for Center of Journalist Investigations. She was released after being questioned for more than 6 hours.

OSCE Representative on the Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic has condemned the intimidation of independent journalists in Crimea following Kokorina’s detention.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine and joined Russia a year ago, following a local referendum on the region’s status, condemned as illegitimate be international community.