Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko tens of billions of dollars for a waiver of Ukraine on Crimea, Ukrainian MP Anton Gerashchenko stated in his interview with one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

“Putin dreams of Donbas return to us, but on condition that we abandon the Crimea, and officially. I know that a year ago, he even proposed to pay $ 50-80 billion, but subject to holding a referendum in Ukraine on waving the Crimea. As far as I know, President refused to even discuss such opportunities,” said the Ukrainian MP.

The return of Donbas on Putin’s conditions when the current leaders of the terrorists will be the legitimate authority is not the best option for Ukraine, said Gerashchenko, commenting on the possibility of holding local elections in the territory uncontrolled by Kyiv.

“Putin is forcing Donbas upon us, and would like to control Ukraine through these areas to make them a permanent problematic hotbed of Ukraine,” said the MP.

Photo: Internet