Night Wolves biker club claimed that five motorcyclists killed near Moscow on the morning of May 8 are most likely to bear no relation to their community, the Russian media report.

"At the moment we have no information that our members are among the victims. As of now, we have priority routs - devoted to Victory Day. We have traveled to Crimea, the Europe and to the west of Moscow. Nobody was planning to ride out to the east," said a source to RIA Novosti news agency.

He also added that the information about the incident is being specified.

The mass deadly shooting of the bikers happened in a village of Chyolohovo near Moscow on the morning of May 8. Five motorcyclists, aged 25 - 27, were shot with a Saiga hunting carbine. According to unconfirmed reports, the conflict broke out in the course of joint drinking of alcoholic beverages. The criminal managed to escape. However, the witnesses, two women accompanying the bikers, told the details of the incident.

The suspect is a Chyolohovo resident of medium height born in 1988. He was dressed in a gray slacks and carried a rucksack. "Sirena" operation was launched immediately in the region. The suspect car with an "item of structurally similar to a shotgun" was found in the Egorievsk district. It has been sent to examination. So, search for the suspect is underway.

Photo: Internet