More than a thousand vehicles queued at the Kerch ferry, according to the Kerch ferry online operator "Maritime Directorate" LTD.

According to the organization, the number of trucks waiting for the ferry in the Russian Federation port "Kavkaz" reached 878 units. At the same time, 276 trucks make up the queue in the port of the occupied Crimea.

Allegedly, the estimated waiting time for trucks to embark the ferry in the port "Crimea" is approximately 36 hours, and in the "Kavkaz" port the waiting time is 91 hours. At the moment, the crossing operates proceeding from the actual weather.

Earlier, the "directorate" informed of a queue of more than 600 trucks and more than 100 cars from Russia and about 300 trucks from the Crimea.

Earlier QHA reported that February 12, icing held down Kerch ferry operation, which is why a number of cars queued in the port.

Photo: Internet