The "Supreme Court of Crimea" controlled by the Crimean invaders intends to hold record 13 meetings in one day - on April 20. The "court" plans to consider 11 complaints of the defense until 15:00 (6 on the Crimean Tatars detained in Bakhchysarai, and another 5 in the so-called Hizb ut-Tahrir case). The Head of the CEC of the Kurultai of the Crimean Tatar people Zair Smedlyaev shared the corresponding information on Facebook and attached the schedule for consideration of complaints.

"Tomorrow, on April 20, 2017, the judicial conveyor will operate in record mode!

The Supreme court of Simferopol, st. Pavlenko, 2.

At 9.30, a trial was to be held on the case of Ahtem Chiygoz.
Perhaps due to the overload of the judges, the meeting on Ahtem Chyigoz was postponed till Monday, April 24.

Also, consideration begins on seven appeals of the lawyer Semedlyaev against administrative detentions that took place in Bakhchysarai on April 13, 2017:

9.00 a.m. - Aziz Azizov,
9.15 - Shevket Abdurakhmanov,
9.30 - Eskender Memetov,
10.00 - Remzi Zudiev,
10.30 - Mustafa Abdurakhmanov,
11.00 - Seydamet Mustafayev,
14.00 - Remsey Bekirov.

In the same place, appeals will be considered on the decisions to extend the terms of detention for persons arrested, on the so-called "Hizb ut-Tahrir case":

9.30 a.m. - Refat Alimov,
10.00 - Arsen Dzepparov,
10.00 - Muslim Aliyev,
11.00 - Emir-Usein Kuku,
11-30 - Vadim Siruk "

Zair Smedlyaev suggested that the high intensity of the "court’s" work could indicate a negative decision on these complaints.

“Here one can definitely conclude that all the appeals will not be satisfied again and all previous decisions will remain in force!”

He also informed that in the course of the same day, a regular meeting is scheduled on the case of Deputy Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Akhtem Chiygoz, and also on the "26 February case".

Earlier QHA reported that, on the morning of April 13 in Bakhchysarai (in Russian occupied Crimea) Russian security forces broke into the homes of two Crimean Tatars Seydamet Mustafayev and Riza Muzhdabaev. Russian Guard forces together with the OMON arrived to the place of the search as well.

Later, Russian security officials beat up Crimean Tatars, who came to support their neighbors, with clubs. According to eyewitnesses, shots were heard. One person is hospitalized.

Later it became known that Seidamet Mustafayev was detained after a search at his house. Five more people - the son and father Mustafa and Shevket Abduramanov, Eskender Memetov (the son of political prisoner Remzi Memetov), Remzi Zudiev and Midat Muzhdaba - were also detained and taken to the local police station.

Occupation law enforcers reported that searches in homes, detention and beating of Crimean Tatars in Bakhchysarai on the morning of April 13 were "planned measures" to "identify and detain persons involved in the activities of an organization Hizb ut-Tahrir banned in Russia."

 PHOTO: Internet